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Saturated Fat *IS* Healthy!

Best Chicken Bruschetta Recipe · i am a food blog

If you love bruschetta and want to eat it all the time, this chicken bruschetta is for you! Bruschetta in the summertime is a masterpiece. The tomatoes are sweet and juicy, the basil is plentiful, the balsamic is tart and delicious, and the toasty bread is amazing. I love classic tomato bruschetta topping so much that we’ve been eating chicken bruschetta on repeat. I know it’s kind of funny to

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Creamy Vegan Pesto Pasta (30 Minutes!)

Creamy pesto pasta with roasted tomatoes and undetectable spinach!? Hello, summer! This vibrant, satisfying, vegan, and (optionally) gluten-free pasta dish is SO delicious, and surprisingly quick & easy to make. We love it for nights when we’re craving comforting pasta but don’t want to miss out on a serving (or two) of veggies!  It’s a filling meal on its own,

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Pasta Salad · i am a food blog

No barbecue, backyard get together, or summer outing is complete without pasta salad. I love the contrasting fresh flavors of pasta salad when digging into grilled food. It’s a match made in heaven. Squishy noodles, a tangy-savory dressing, crunchy vegetables, and a sprinkling of flavor means pasta salad is here to stay. The best pasta salad dressing There are two

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Crispy Skin Salmon (Perfect Every Time!)

Are you ready to learn how to make restaurant-quality salmon at home? We thought so! This salmon is quick and easy — and so rewarding! Not only is it perfectly tender and flaky with crispy skin, but it’s incredibly versatile and perfect for pairing with bowls, risotto, and beyond!  Just 1 pan, 15 minutes, and 4 ingredients are required for

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summer ricotta with grilled vegetables

Letter of recommendation: Make ricotta this summer. I was originally going to write “Ditch the burrata and make some ricotta this summer,” but neither wish to besmirch burrata nor do I plan to go tomato season without it. Should a burrata tree (it grows on trees, or must based on the frequency in which it appears) spontaneously appear on my

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Hearty White Bean Caesar Salad Bowls

Nourish bowls are the best. Grab yourself a grain, a protein, some veggies, and sauce — and you’re set with a flavorful, filling, and balanced meal! This Caesar Salad Nourish Bowl is no exception.  It’s fresh, vibrant, satisfying, meal-prep friendly, and super versatile (use up whatever root veggies you have on hand). Just 10 ingredients required for this delicious plant-based

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How to Cook Millet (Perfect Every Time!)

While the Instant Pot is our go-to for preparing millet, it’s certainly not the only way to get perfect millet every time! Today we’re sharing how to cook FLUFFY millet on the stovetop with just 1 pot and 30 minutes required. Enjoy this protein-packed, gluten-free whole grain in stir-fries, bowls, salads, cakes, and beyond! What is Millet? Millet is a

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Barbacoa · i am a food blog

Barbacoa is a Mexican beef dish that’s slow cooked til juicy, soft and tender, then coated in a savory red chile sauce that has just a tiny hint of spice and a huge hit of flavor. If you love tacos and you love beef, this is the taco filling for you. This is one of the greatest meat dishes to come

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