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Saturated Fat *IS* Healthy!

Mediterranean-Inspired Orzo Pasta Salad

Salads are great, but pasta salads? The greatest! This Mediterranean-inspired orzo pasta salad is the ultimate fresh and satisfying side dish. It’s herby, bright, colorful, filled with veggies, and ready in just 30 minutes! It’s plant-based, optionally gluten-free, and quickly becoming our new favorite salad for BBQs, picnics, or served with grilled protein for a satisfying summer meal. Let us show you how it’s done! What is Orzo? Orzo (also

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7 Things You Can Do to Prevent Food Waste at Home

“Even the most sustainably farmed food does us no good if the food is never eaten.” –Dana Gunders 141 trillion: the number of calories thrown into the dumpster every day.  1,249 calories per capita in the United States are discarded and 30- 40% of that food waste is at the consumer level. We are going to talk about world hunger, global

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Ferment Your Own Country Wine

Find yourself with an overabundance of fruit and want to make a fun drink for yourself, your family, and your guests? Country wine is a general term for homemade wine made from fruit, generally any kind of fruit except for grapes. Now, you can ferment wine yourself and wow your guests! Country Wine: The Players 2 quarts (2 L) filtered water

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Black Seed Oil Health Benefits

The first time I heard about black seed oil, I was at the Fancy Food Winter trade show in San Francisco. I thought the oil was tasty, but wondered why anyone would cook with it. “Oh I don’t cook with it,” the person behind the booth said, “I take black cumin seed oil medicinally. About 1 shot every day or

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Shipt Review: Or, Why I Pay Others to Grocery Shop for Me

Shopping at the grocery store is annoying. Because I enjoy food, I used to enjoy shopping for it. But after having kids, lugging them up and down grocery aisles as toddlers became a nightmare. I’ve been using Shipt to deliver my groceries for going on 3 years now, and it’s been a huge relief! My first foray into deliveries came

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Lemon, Polenta & Ricotta Cake — Green Kitchen Stories

I know you are here for the cake. But there are few things we wanted to share first. You see there is a lot happening in our lives at the moment. We have mentioned it on instagram but not here yet. So here goes. We are moving to Denmark! Luise has taken up a lifelong dream and started her studies

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The Creamiest Greenest One-Pot Pasta — Green Kitchen Stories

Have you seen the “TikTok pasta” where you bake feta cheese and cherry tomatoes and then mash it into a sauce that you toss your pasta in? Elsa made that for us yesterday and watching her cook all by herself was one of the cutest and proudest parenting moment I’ve had. Until I realize that TikTok actually has more influence

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